Pretty Hues

This year I have decided to make more of an effort to find thick jumpers which make a statement in some shape or form.


This mohair blush pink Zara jumper is the perfect jumper to warm a cold day up. I started my winter jumper search back in late July – some could say this was too early or some could say this was proactive. I have bought a couple of winter garments, but my jumper game is slacking. I seem to keep finding the basic cream or grey jumper and that is boring me now. I want my autumn/ winter wardrobe to be bright and booming with colour.


New season is all about light, luscious and feminine colours whilst experimenting with oversized cuts and textures which adds an edge of sass to your look. I decided to team this mohair jumper with my white high neck sleeveless white top from ASOS to add a high fashion value to quite a wide cut jumper. I teamed it with my simple skinny black jeans to complement this street style. However, to still play within the girly lines, I added my Topshop floral boots which I purchased last year – but which are a firm boot favourite for this year too!


I think blush and light toned jumpers are great when used as a layering piece, as you can always team these hues against black key pieces such as patent black boots or a black skirt which creates an exaggerated silhouette to really play up to this high fashion styles. As well as this, it allows room for you to wear a deep brown lipstick to really take the look straight into the colder months whilst ensuring you look fresh!

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