Leather, Suede and Velvet

October 1st – this is officially autumn for me. It’s time to start paying serious attention to my autumn/winter wardrobe. I can also start blogging about some of those jumpers and cardigans which I bought back in the summer.


I have noticed that I have a lot of jumpers and not enough cardigans. I’ like to wear most of my tops all year round by updating them with layers. Earlier last month I found this charcoal longline cardigan in H&M. I decided on a charcoal colour as I have more darker coloured tops so a charcoal colour will help draw the colours out of these in autumn and keep my style looking youthful.


For this look, I wanted to experiment with three textures, but mainly wear this Topshop yellow velvet brocade tee, which looks luxurious and more expensive with the deep yellow hue. I opted with a black faux suede skirt from New Look because it adds more shape to the look and the textures compliment each other. To complete the look I wanted a more feminine longline look so I added both my leather over the knee boots from Topshop and my H&M charcoal cardigan. But I decided to roll the sleeves up on the cardigan just to make the look more relaxed.

IMG_6348                           IMG_8395

This look will be worn throughout winter but I’ll be adding tights because I always feel the cold!

I love this time of year because it allows so much more creativity for my looks and I can play around with so many different prints and textures.

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