Paris Diaries: How Parisians Do Sundays


After two days of blissful weather, it was a bit of a shock to see grey clouds and light rain,  I was more concerned about how my outfit would work as opposed to what this meant for our sight seeing #SorryNotSorry.


But after getting dressed, we noticed the sky clearing, so guess my Vinyl H&M skirt and Marks & Spencer’s pearl sweater ( which I got for just £35) could come out to play. This is a simple take on the classic jumper and skirt look but the clashing of textures and detailing of the pearls, bag and my skirts belt, takes it to a more parisian status. I wore my Topshop leather heeled boots as it was Sunday and I knew we’d be stopping quite a bit – no achey feet here!


This is probably the favourite of my paris outfits because I love high waisted skirts and a good knit. The outfit is also more  sophisticated, has intricate detail and enables me to have a more defined figure and creates an overall streamlined look which is more my style.


We spent nearly two hours brunching because that is what Parisians do on a Sunday and it was refreshing to see how relaxed the environment was, waitresses not rushing to get you fed and out the door or asking you every mouthful, ‘ is the food ok?’ The poached egg and goats cheese breakfast choice combined with the sweet hot chocolate was enough for me to forget about my morning addiction to green tea.  Honestly, the french know how to relax on a Sunday! I took some tips and we’ll see if I can weave some of them into my usual Sunday routine.


We then headed for a stroll, whilst aiming to reach the Galeries Lafayette (at some point) which is home to many of my favourite designers such as: Marc Jacobs, Chloé and Tom Ford. It is the place of fashion dreams, where it’s perfectly usual to pick not one but two… maybe three Gucci bags. I on the other hand, was savvy (and unable to afford this extravagant spend) and managed to get this grey Gucci Dionysus dupe from one of the local stores for about £45, is that a steal or what?!


After this we headed up to the artistic  Monmartre which includes the incredible Sacré – couer – I’m not religious but I can appreciate beautiful churches like these, if you get the chance you should definitely visit. I found this particular visit to be really relaxing and peaceful.


We then walked down the hill to find an array of restaurants where we were truly spoilt for choice. In the end we picked a restaurant with enough variation and as usual I played it safe – so I chose fish and chips but it was a more upmarket take on the classic dish, so that counts right?


To end this fabulous day we visited the Eiffel Tower at night and on the hour there’s flashing lights running through it, very magical. But it really is beautiful and you should experience it once in your life.

Although we spent anther day in Paris after this ( we explored Jardin des Tuileries, the Arc de Triomphe, ate too much and spent our remaining euros in Sephora and on Pret soups –  hey it’s important to go out in style) this will be the last of my Paris Diaries. I hope you’ve enjoyed them and feel inspired to visit paris.

If you’ve been to Paris, what was your highlight?

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