The ‘Chanel’ Cardigan

Some fashions like dogtooth, always remain classy and make for a great alternative to checks which is ruling autumn fashion this year.


I remember buying this cardigan well over 7 years ago in a Topshop sale. I knew I really liked it and at the age of 18, I would panic whenever I wanted to wear it as I just didn’t seem to feel satisfied with the looks created.

Nevertheless, it has survived every wardrobe clear out which I have had since. But it’s become one of my more classier pieces of clothing and as the years pass, I love it even more.

IMG_8729   IMG_8731

It almost looks Chanel inspired as I used to wear it with pearls when I was younger ( really wish I still had them now). The gold buttons make it look more expensive than it actually was and the thick deep blue border running along the cardigan  makes it look extremely classy and something which would fit the higher end of Topshop.

Whenever you wear a dogtooth print you will feel like you are symbolising chic bourgeois. I decided to really highlight the cardigan so it felt right to style it with a simple white camisole and high waisted black skinny jeans and smart ankle boots. This is a perfect look to wear for afternoon drinks or for a winter weekend away.


To keep the style looking more higher end, team your dogtooth print with a statement black bag like I have. This Chloé look-a-like bag which I got from Skinny Dip is small yet makes a he impact to the style by giving it more shape and structure.  If you invest in a dogtooth cardigan, you can always wear it more throughout spring by pairing it against some statement shorts – think relaxing break in the French Riveria. ( you can thank me later.)


Tip: Remember to invest a decent amount of money in dogtooth patterns as you don’t want something to look cheap and fade quickly as this is quite a bold look.)

Have any dogtooth tips – then let me know how you style yours.

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Cardigan, camisole, jeans, boots, bag and necklace all from: Topshop.


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