Country Tweed

There is something very feminine about tweed, right? I feel like it’s something that you could pull out of your wardrobe every year or every five years and it would pass for a vintage piece and could quite easily give your look a Vivienne Westwood touch. It also strikes me as being the perfect country look fro a city loving girl!


I bought this tweed mini skirt from Topshop a few years back, I couldn’t quite justify the matching jacket price back then but to be honest I didn’t want the whole double combo look for this particular fabric. I wanted to use this skirt as a statement piece for simplistic tops.

I have always created quite a smart and simplistic look with this tweed skirt, by pairing it with a black polo neck. However, this autumn I have decided to use this skirt to form a statement ‘country inspired’ look which is perfect for days copied up by the fire… who am I kidding?! No an outfit to wear for days out or even work.


I decided to team this batwing caramel coloured H&M jumper with the tweed skirt as the brown tone of the jumper helps to bring out the piping outline of the skirt and keeps the style looking quite 90s and classy.

This time I opted to style my look with my silver Marc Jacobs watch with Gold detailing to add a glam factor to the look. But I am looking to mix this tweed skirt with a neutral coloured tartan jumper ( If I can ever find one), that will match closely with the brown tone of the tweed skirt. You should also try this with your tweed clothing – it’s nailing two trends in one and will be a way for you to perhaps shop in your wardrobe.


What are your tweed tricks?

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