It Is All About Balance

Food and exercise in life is all about balance. Although the past few months have seen me slacking quite a lot from the gym, that aspect of my life has not been that balanced. However, my looks have been more in order and I am always looking at ways to balance oversized or fluffy pieces with more structured pieces. Fashion should also be balanced…


I realised how little I have worn this white shirt with a D-ring belt from Zara. So I decided to create a winter wonderland inspired style by wearing my grey fluffy cardigan from Zara with this shirt which has some silver tinsel effects on it – perfect for Christmas!

The shirt is simple and the cardigan is quite dramatic but the D-ring silver detailing stops the style looking so flat and bland. It also brings my waist in and I don’t need to worry about looking an oversized pigeon. Skinny jeans are perfect for a fluffy jacket or cardigan as it helps to elongate your legs whilst keeping all attention on the dramatic aspects of the look.


Fluffy and oversized jackets are a good alternative for a sparkly Christmas dress as well. You’ll also find you can wear this throughout spring as well. Or perhaps it will make for a great cover up to wear on nights on instead of that coat you feel like you wear all the time at work.


What do you think to this fluffy look?

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