Sports Luxe Checked

For me finding the perfect fit for trousers can be time consuming, daunting and disheartening. But why? I always seem to be too short for the ‘perfect’ pair.

This autumn saw the rise of the sports luxe checked trousers. After seeing a girl in Outfit in an amazing pair, I thought I would try the look for a night out. I literally had 5 days to find a pair and I knew I would have to put all my trust in the online world. I bought a lovely pair of checked trousers with a red and blue stripe running along both edges from ASOS and the seriously high waisted detail and pleats looked very feminine… but on me I just looked frumpy and no way could I wear heels with them – off they went in the returns bag.


I then found these £18 – (so cheap) trousers from New Look online and obviously with that price tag they just had to be sold out online. I headed into the city centre of Nottingham later that week and thought I would try my luck in the New Look store. After finding the selection, I found a size 10. I often find New Look sizes to be more generous than other stores so I panicked that the size 10 might just be too big, but you should always try before you buy!


After putting them on, they fitted, looked sassy and were SO comfortable! It really was a bargain I couldn’t resist.

I wore this for a night out with a black crop top and open toe heels. But I wear these trousers more for a casual look on days where I just want to be comfortable yet stylish            (which is my aim for most days). The simplest way to tackle the sports luxe trousers is to wear a simple top and add some power with your accessories. Darker and colder days will not stop me from embracing my yellow metal holder bag from Topshop! I also think you just can’t beat black ankle boots for this look. It smartens the trousers and gives you a classy streetwear silhouette that you would be able to take to work and for a night out.


I decided to wear this black fringed jumper from Topshop as the fringing just adds a touch of sass to such a streamlined look.

If you’re looking for a pair of trousers that you can wear for a range of events then invest in a pair of sports luxe trousers ( they don’t have to be checked) and team it with shirts, jumpers, tees and different shoes to gain as much versatility.

What are your sports luxe trouser secrets?

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