Native Rose


It was probably around this time two years ago that I would watch for this Native rose dress to go into the ASOS sale. For £70 it was just not affordable for me and especially because I   knew it was quite a statement look, I would not be able to wear it daily. It’s the sort of dress I wear for the weekend during the day.

It eventually was reduced to £35. When it arrived, I was expecting it to be jacquard like it had stated on the description but I found it to look quite flat and a bit dull. However, after trying the dress on I thought it would work for the winter period.


I have to admit that I have only worn this dress a handful of times and for some reason I just seem to forget about it in my wardrobe. But this autumn/ winter I have decided to really channel the femininity of this dress.

I think the simplest way to wear it, is to throw on some black ankle boots to toughen the look up for the colder weather and to add my Gucci Dionysus inspired  bag as the grey tone blends well into the dress and creates a softer look which is perfect to wear around the festive period.

IMG_8756    IMG_8752

I always find that patterned clothing seems to go so quickly out of style, but the trick could be as simple as picking ‘classy’ designs and colours which will look timeless on you.

What do you think to the look?

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