Wardrobe Detox


With 10 days to go until the new year, I thought it was time to give you some advice which I follow every year after Christmas – detoxing my wardrobe!

I find this therapeutic and the process makes me feel in control of my wardrobe and it is a great way to fall in love with clothes again once the other clothes clouding my judgment are out of the way.


I decided to write a post about this after recently finishing How To Be An Overnight Success. The author,Maria gives so many tips on how organise different aspects of your life to be successful. However Success Secret number 13 really inspired me to write this post.

I often put the time to edit my clothes and put them into three piles  – Keep, Charity or Ebay. But after reading this book, Maria advises you to get everything out and to analyse it – is it really worth keeping? How many times have you won it over the last two years? I think this two year rule is a great way of deciding if something should stay. But actually getting things out of my wardrobe and analysing it… well I have only started doing this recently.


I have found that by colour coordinating and splitting my wardrobe into sections of dresses, tops and jumpers ( yes a bit obsessive but I’m a fashion blogger) has really helped me to see what clothes I have and to see them in a new light. I seem to be wearing more of my wardrobe throughout the year and I’m saving money by not buying the same sort of style clothes that I already have. Over the last few months I have been editing my clothes more and making more of an effort to sell them online as some things are in great condition and were quite expensive to purchase initially so it’s nice to see a return on that investment!

When I edit my wardrobe  and I like something, I look at it and think about what  bags and shoes I can wear with it. Then I try it on, if I’m not in love with it, I put it in my Ebay pile. You have to be the ruthless editor of your life and that includes your wardrobe.


I find that this helps me to clear my mind and to identify the gaps in my wardrobe, which normally includes a need for more simple tops and skirts. However, this year I noticed that I needed a few statement bags, so I bought a few and they now allow my clothes to look more current, so much so that I didn’t need to buy a new top.

This black fluffy jumper  from Topshop looks great over some skinny jeans, or tucked into an a-line skirt. The point is – you need to invest in tops and bottoms which are versatile and can be worn year after year. Obviously there will be times where you will buy a fashionable piece and wear it a few times and that will be it – but that’s ok, that’s life, we all do it. So try and craft the majority of your wardrobe to be full of pieces that are not just a one time trend to make your money’s worth.


I’m a style blogger so detoxing my wardrobe is important to do often, but you can just stick to this trick maybe three or four times a year to ensure it’s edited with all the pieces you love. Don’t feel sad about all the clothes you don’t wear anymore, just pop them on Ebay and let someone else love it. Selling does take time, but its nice to give it to someone who will love it as much as you once did.

Often we don’t ‘ need a new wardrobe’ as we are quite quick to say. We just need to dedicate a bit of time to editing our pieces which will give us a fresh outlook on our current wardrobe. If you do it soon you will know exactly what you are looking for in the sales…


Do you have any wardrobe edit tricks?

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