2017 Top Five Outfits

At the end of each year I pick my top five fashion outfits and each year it seems to get harder to pick just five – but I have to limit myself before I get too carried away.

The five outfits which I have picked this year seem to have a common theme of romanticism or touch upon the 70s. It is also quite interesting that the outfits which I have chosen are all light colours as I often wear a mixture of light and dark coloured clothes. The outfits which have been chosen as top five are also clothes which I wear quite often either to work or in my downtime.


I loved this Topshop bell sleeve blouse as it touches on a soft Dior romanticism aspect and looks great for the day or with some jeans or a leather skirt for the evening. It is the perfect ‘ jeans and a nice top’ top. I also love how the powder grey is striking when worn with jeans, yet really softens my look especially as I like to wear a powdery lilac lipstick shade with it to keep to lighter tones. The pie crust collar and bell sleeves makes it really feminine and gives it an edge. This is a blouse which I will continue to wear for years to come.


This is my Dolce and Gabbana (D&G) Look – as an avid Vogue lover I always flick through the first 40 pages just waiting to be wowed by the latest D&G double spread advert and I just love how beautifully crafted the outfits are! You’ll soon be aware that D&G have a very strong floral game and I too am a little obsessed with floral prints. But this spring I decided to wear this bell sleeve Zara blouse with my pink a-line zip skirt – also from Zara, to take a more stylish, statement and D&G  inspired style.  I teamed the outfit with some black 70s fringed sandals to toughen the look up and my blue shades from Topshop to give the look a more British feel. This is another spring look which I’m excited to wear again.

I bought these mid wash jeans from Zara earlier this year and after initially thinking they were skinny jeans I love that they look a bit straight leg and have a more relaxed feel to them. I decided to channel my inner 70s diva and wore a tight fitted d-ring shirt from Zara to balance the straight leg jeans out and to create a feminine silhouette which drew attention to my waist and metallic silver mules. I feel that this is a look  that one of my blogging idols – Smashley Bell would wear, so in my eyes it was definitely a winning outfit for summer. D-ring belts just add such a statement to simple shirts and make everything look way more appealing.


This Missguided yellow bardot style dress was bought for my holiday earlier this year in Dominican Republic. I love the bold yellow and contrasting blue flowers all over it. I decided to bring out the colour by wearing a silver occult choker from Topshop and my beloved Zara silver mules. The dress is really flattering as it skims past your waist line and has a tighter hem which adds such a girlie touch. I just love how the dress looks against my black hair. Yellow can be quite a tricky colour to pull off but the cobalt blue flowers makes it look more classier and so vibrant – perfect for holidays.


This Monsoon shirt looks really stylish with the grandad collar and the military detailing remains feminine so it’s perfect to wear with a range of skirts and jeans. I think it’s important to have a few variations of the classic white shirt as you just don’t know when you’ll need it! I used it to tone down a leather mini skirt and to add a simple elegant feel to a tough look. I also love the contrast the shirt offers to my black hair.

These outfits show me that my style is always revolving but I do tend to stick to white clothing and clothes which touch upon my favourite era – the 70s. It’s also important to have fun with your looks which is what my third outfit proves and to not be afraid to try something new as it may just become one of your favourite looks to channel. I wish you all a very happy new year and I hope your outfit game will continue to keep growing and fashion  will challenge you to try new things and to step out of your comfort zone… sometimes.

Do you have a few favourite outfits of 2017?

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