Fashion Forecast


IMG_8782Seeing what will be in fashion for 2018 is an important part of evolving my style. To some people it can be a daunting feeling where they think they need to get rid of all their autumn/ winter clothes and spend a ridiculous amount of their wages cultivating a new wardrobe. Wrong. It’s all about using aspects of current fashion trends to weave into your own style.


I like to check the fashion forecast from some of my favourite designers such as YSL, Marc Jacobs, Dior and Vivienne Westwood and this then helps to set the tone for what I am looking for in high street stores such as H&M, Zara and even Primark – because who doesn’t love a cheeky steal?

I’ve picked six styles which I think ensure you have a great start in capturing the new season fashion without falling deep into your overdraft.


This year has been all about millennial pink and I’ve really loved it as it seemed to have shed it’s girlish charm and made many of my outfits pop and look fierce. However, I’m looking forward to experimenting more with prints next spring as well incorporating a decent amount of pink into the looks.

It will also be really nice to see the colour lilac get more attention next year. Lilac can be quite a tricky and sometimes dull colour for some of us to all off, so I would suggest teaming it with a deep purple hue or experimenting with colour blocking, for example wearing the colour with a  range of colourful bags for it to suit your style and to look fresh. Also we know spring means the return of pastel hues and white simply they help my look to be fresh and revived in time for the warmer weather.


This year I’ve developed an obsession for small cross body bags and next year we will see another down size to the ongoing trend. If you are looking to only own a few tiny bags then I would suggest buying it in a few colours such as black and a bright colour such as yellow to help brighten some of your outfits and to keep the focus on the bag. I’m talking small bags where you have to leave your purse behind.

This year we have seen polka dots mixed a lot with floral prints and next year I think it will be nice to see polka dots reigning on their own again.  I love how classy and edgy they can make the simplest of garment cuts to look. Soon enough I will be showing you how I am styling my Boohoo polka dot balloon blouse. Polka dots offer an alternative to pastels if they are not really your thing.


Checks are going nowhere, so if you haven’t already it’s time to get on the grid. I love this Prince of Wales checked mac from Topshop and decided to clash it in a non -traditional way with my monochrome tartan skirt also from Topshop. To give this particular outfit more sass and attitude I decided to add my Zara chain city bag as the detailing of the bag just contrasts perfectly with the monochrome hues of the whole outfit. Don’t be afraid to clash your check prints – it will work.

Mac, skirt and boots: Topshop

Top and bag: Zara

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