Gone Vinyl


I have become a little bit obsessed with the leather update which has become vinyl. I am not ready to give this trend up so quickly, as I’m really enjoying the 90s vibes it’s giving to my looks. I recently found this vinyl mac with a d-ring belt in Miss Selfridge reduced to £26 – obviously I had to get it.

I have to admit that I was in two minds over it, as I love it but I did worry that I wouldn’t wear it. However, after deciding on some blog shoot outfits, I realised that this mac was what I needed to spruce up some daytime outfits. I also like that there is an option to make it a bit more 70s with the d-ring belt or more 90s by taking the belt out. Versatility of eras – how many coats offer that?


However, I decided to team the look with my new straight leg jeans from Topshop, black leather boots and a Lady Gaga t-shirt my friends managed to find me in Thailand. I wanted to create an old school look and the longline length of the coat draws attention to the straight leg cut and square boot. I completed the look with a dark Mac lipstick in shade ‘sin’ to really capture that 90s look.


Vinyl macs can just add a bit more power to your looks and I can’t help but feel as fierce as Trinity out of the Matrix when I wear it.

Come and follow me on Instagram for more style updates and how I’m wearing this vinyl 90s style mac.

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