Combined Check


I bought this combined check top in the Zara sale and it’s a really good versatile top which looks good with a high waited black skirt for either work or with some 90s straight leg jeans.

For this particular look, I prefer to show you the jeans versions. I like that this checked top has a Burberry feel to it and touches upon the 60s era with the high neck and three buttons diagonally positioned along the collar. It nods towards high fashion by including three different types of check pattern in one look and I love how that is different to other check tops on the market. I think the trick to injecting a bit of high fashion Burberry style checks into your wardrobe comes from picking brown or cream tones.


I wanted to create a 90s look so decided to wear the top tucked partly into my Topshop straight leg jeans and to balance the look out I opted for my Gucci dupe loafers from Primark. I added a small 90s style cross body bag from H&M to keep the look simple and not too over the top. I should have worn a  black belt to bring my waist in and to separate the top and jeans slightly. I decided that my gold vintage style hoop earrings from ASOS would highlight the top.


This is a simple look which can be worn for casual outings, dinner, or during city breaks, as the look is stylish yet very comfortable. I also like how I’ve managed to bring the 70s and 90s together for this look.

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