Dublin Diary 1


I spent the weekend smizing in Dublin. But before then, a lot of thought went into my outfits… obviously.

I decided to channel a 90s look by pairing my Topshop leopard print jumper ( which is just the cosiest thing to wear at the minute) with straight leg denim washed jeans. I added my vinyl longline mac to help contrast the look and my square front boots just to add some height to the look.  it felt quite Kate Moss and I was loving it! It can be hard to find a bag that isn’t too much when worn with my mac, so my cross body bag with a circular tag never fails to keep the look strong and simple.


While in Dublin, we took a trip to The Temple Bar, The Leprechaun Museum, Dublin Castle to name a few and of course we somehow ended up in Wagamamas!


I really loved that there was quite a few attractions to see but we could do most of them in one day and I was able to wear and outfit I really loved and be warm at the same time.


Have you been to Dublin? If so what did you think?

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95829c0c-ff6c-49db-a105-61844bde3721    IMG_7454


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