Finishing With Fur


IMG_5316I have wanted a green or pink fur jacket for a few years now and each year I either forget to look for one or find it too overpriced to purchase.

Whilst in Dublin last weekend, we stopped very briefly into the shopping centre and a brief stop meant I left the shopping centre with a fur coat and top – classic Indy.

I mean this green fur jacket was an absolute bargain from Bershka for €39 and I decided on the dark green over a summery pale blue just because it’s a classic colour that I’ll be able to wear throughout autumn and I feel like it’s a colour which will sit well with my other clothes. I know a bargain when I see one. ( Yes I really do need to justify why it was acceptable to buy.)


I wore this for a lunch date yesterday and decided to play with silhouettes so decided to wear some straight leg jeans and my square front leather boots – both from Topshop. I opted for a black polo neck and my small cross body bag from H&M  to add simplicity and a bit of texture to the look.


I loved the overall 70s feel that the jeans gave to the look and for me it’s a look which is effortless but makes a statement. I decided to wear all black because I didn’t want the style to look disjointed and too messy. If you team coloured fur with black clothing it just looks classy, brings your look together and black helps to make your style look strong. But if you’re confident with wearing fur quite often then I’d suggest taking a leaf out of Miu Miu’s book and just combining coloured fur with bright bold shoes and accessories for an easy yet striking transition into spring.


How are you styling your fur?

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