Finding Bargain Dupes


If you have been following my blog for quite some time, you’ll realise that I love a bargain. My favourite types of bargains are the ones you find in Primark.


My sister and I went shopping in Meadowhall last weekend to find some holiday pieces. In the final stint of the shopping spree, I found myself loving this grey embroidered blouse from Primark (which in my eyes is a good dupe of a grey blouse which I recently saw in Zara and half of that price too) for £12 to be exact.  It was a no brainer – I had to buy it!


I’ve created a casual yet cool look for spring by pairing it with my Topshop sliders. I love how laid back, comfortable and easy the style is to create. To make the look pop, I added a bold red lipstick and statement yellow bag which is a perfect way to transition into spring.


What types of bargains do you look for?

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