Fashion Identity

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A few months ago I wrote a post about my fashion forecast and this made me think about the importance of a fashion identity. Is it important? Do we have one? Do we really need one?

I’ve looked back at my first fashion blog and Instagram posts and cringed. I mean what was I thinking, I had much better outfits in my wardrobe to showcase. But I think the problem back then was I was simply overthinking what I thought people wanted to see on my blog. It wasn’t necessarily the things I wore on a daily basis but maybe it was a way to express the different styles of clothes I owned.

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It was probably about a year ago when I tried to figure out what my fashion identity was and where I stood in the socio-cultural context. I decided I wanted to embrace just plain clothing but  wearing entirely plain outfits all the time really wasn’t me. I love the simplicity of plain clothing but I love a patterned skirt or a printed top and I soon realised that wearing blouses and skirts is probably my signature look.


However, fast forward a year and I am becoming a very picky shopper as I care about what patterns, textures and cuts I buy. I definitely have a signature autumn/winter look which is usually straight or skinny jeans, or high waisted skirt with a jumper or statement blouse. This summer I’m finding that I am obsessed with the button through trend, culottes and trying to find that perfect tea dress. Two years ago I would have hated the idea of a proper tea dress, but now I’m learning that it’s ok to wear a really girlie look and not find ways to toughen it up, as girlie styles can look grown-up.


I’ve been trying to break the bad cycle of buying the same type of item of clothing because it feels safe and I know how to style it. Now I try and analyse every piece of clothing I buy and question whether I can keep styling this for the next season – I really do get the importance of a capsule wardrobe but I’ve not finalised what would be in my capsule wardrobe, apart from a black leather skirt. I think this will be something which I’ll be able to clarify within the next five years. Along with many other millinenials I’m just trying to figure out what my style is and whether it is necessary to define it just yet.


I quite like that I can look back at photos and laugh at some of the outfits I wore! Sometimes I wonder whether we need to conform to a particular fashion identity and label this or if we just need to buy our own statement pieces and leave it unlabelled.

What do you think to the idea of a fashion identity?

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