Just Add a Blazer

I absolutely love a blazer and could happily buy a load of them right now. As someone who is always cold and likes an outfit to feel polished, a blazer is just perfect for me and adds that final touch to simple outfits.

Although they are often pricey, I think it’s key to buy a quality blazer and I think if you invest in one where the material feels rich and non stretchy, then you won’t get bored of it and it will be a staple in your wardrobe for years.


I bought this checked blazer from Primark a few years ago and I instantly fell in love with it, I loved the slightly oversized/ masculine fit, the quality and print. I love how you can wear it through autumn and switch to a cami to bring it into spring. This season is all about high shine metallics and I personally find metallics a bit too bold, but this blazer tames the metallic look down slightly which suits me. I think a checked blazer is a timeless piece which looks good throughout the year for either a more casual or dressy look.

294647165015287854_IMG_0290  3007849139497260080_IMG_0297

I searched on various fashion sites for a grey blazer and it wasn’t long before I found this blazer on ASOS. Oversized, tortoishelle button detailing and a shoulder pads to give it structure – LOVE.  I’ve already planned lots of summer looks which include this blazer, including this green dress. I wanted to wear this ASOS dress in Bangkok on my recent adventure to Thailand but the activities we did there required me to dress more conservatively. It’s slightly skater style which is not my usual style but I loved the way the material gathers in the middle to create a belt illusion. It’s quite girly so will be perfect for summer holidays and days out. But whilst it’s not that warm in the UK and I’m eager to wear the dress, the green hue of the dress paired with a grey blazer looks quite tasteful and classy. Black details like my shoes and bag bring the look to life.


I’m so happy the blazer trend is back in a big way, it’s so good to have many options, checked, linen or bright colours, the options are endless. They’re great to wear with all your summer pieces when the weather is not that hot and an easy way to transition into the next season.

What are your favourite blazer trends?

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