Sustainable Fashion

The hot topic which seems to be on every fashionista’s lips – sustainable fashion.

I am trying hard to really nail the basic pieces of my capsule wardrobe which sort of falls in line with sustainable fashion, but I feel I update these basics to the ‘newest version’ each season, so I guess it really isn’t that sustainable and more clothes get thrown out.


I may have bought staple camisoles, blazers and sandals for this season, but I still get easily persuaded with a cute priced top where I then don’t worry how much I’ll wear it. I often get asked if it’s really hard being a fashion blogger with the demand to buy new clothes. I certainly felt the pressure at the very start of my blog journey. But at that time,  I never really put enough time in to plan my outfits for the next few months and steered clear of plain clothes all the time. Fast forward a couple of years and I’ve changed this. I now spend time planning a range of blog post ideas and jot ideas down. I often get inspiration from seeing how things are styled in Vogue Magazine, Topshop or by looking at top influencers’ styles  and I soon realise I can actually create looks by looking in my wardrobe. Like this brown cardigan Pull and Bear IMG_0336cardigan and jeans look, so simple and chic for cooler days in summer.

I question whether we will have a summer like last year. I’m skeptical about buying new summer pieces as I’ve worked really hard to edit my wardrobe and to really let go of clothes that just sit there year on year. in my wardrobe. I’ve decided to really shop in my wardrobe for this season as the likelihood is it will be hot enough for a lightweight jacket – that’s where my blazers come out to play.


For some people, being sustainably conscious about fashion means creating a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility. It also means they shop at places that sell more environmentally or recycled clothes. But for me this means that I need to start being more conscious about whether I really need something and if it will serve as a staple for years to come? We all know that clothes are not always cheap to buy, and we work hard to buy them so why should we wear them a few times, then throw them or sell them for a fraction of the price we paid?

I’m curious to see how and if you’re trying to buy or create more sustainable fashion?

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